Learn first-hand:
11 ways your book cover can make or break your book
2 critical questions to ask yourself before you start your book cover
How to create a brand-boosting super series
4 things your front cover writing and design can do for you in 7 seconds
13 proven tips for coming up with bestselling titles and subtitles
The art of back cover copywriting—what to say and how to say it
The business side of ISBNs and bar codes
What you can do on your own and when to hire a professional
When to start and how long it really takes

As an author or publisher, your book cover is the greatest sales tool you possess. The front cover, back cover, flaps, and even the spine are your first and often only chance to make a sale to your target market—in bookstores and online! Why should they buy your book? What makes your book special? Your book cover says it all.

"COVER THAT BOOK transcends the merely visual, and focuses instead on the marketing and promotional elements involved in attracting readers to your words. Four enthusiastic publishing insiders share their thoughts in a tightly-organized two-hour session that never loses momentum or repeats itself. The CD's are divided into tracks, so you easily locate desired topics. Printable worksheets and examples help you apply what you've learned to your next publishing project. In its enthusiasm and professional production, COVER THAT BOOK is lightyears ahead of anything else available on the subject. You'll never look at a book cover the same way again!"
—ROGER C. PARKER, author of NY Times recommended Looking Good In Print:
A Guide to Basic Design for Desktop Publishing

2 Complete CDs
2 hours of listening time
PLUS Printable PDFs including:
+  Samples +  Checklists +  Templates +  Timelines +  and more!

Save time, money, hassles, and possibly your sanity! Listen in as four of today's leading book cover specialists show you how to create a bestselling book cover that will successfully launch your entire marketing campaign.


Kathi Dunn
Ron "Hobie" Hobart
of Dunn+Associates Design
Susan Kendrick
Graham Van Dixhorn
of Write To Your Market

Dunn+Associates Design and Write To Your Market have personally helped hundreds of award-winning and bestselling authors by writing and designing book covers that consistently pave the way to expert status and profitable brands.

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